Gabriel Forsman,

renowned professional guitarist from Malmö, Sweden, where his journey in the world of music began. With an impressive list of collaborations, he has shared his musical talents with top artists and bands from Sweden to LA.

He graduated the prestigious “Musicians Institute” with the honorary “Outstanding Player Award ’13”

While living in Los Angeles, Gabriel had the opportunity to showcase his versatility and skill by joining several tours across the United States/Canada. These experiences enriched his craft and work etiquette as a touring guitar player. Gabriel was also hired by several churches as a guitarist for their praise-and-worship-teams.

He has worked with Pop artists such as: Far East Movement, Radical Something, Alex Runo, Kaci Brown, Sammy Wilk, Diana Feria to name a few. 

Gabriel is known for his flawless rhythm, tone and feel and you can certainly expect a mindblowing “rockstar”-solo at any given point.

Currently based in his hometown of Malmö, Gabriel Forsman is making waves in the music industry both as a solo artist and a collaborative force. Under his own name, “Gabriel Forsman” and moniker “echo palms" and "Swedish Funk Mafia" (a live recording project in collaboration with Eli Cherry and other exceptional musicians from LA), he has been producing and releasing music that resonates deeply with audiences worldwide.

Gabriel’s recent single in collaboration with saxophonist extraordinaire Peter Zimny, "How Does It Peel," has achieved an astounding 1 million streams and are now releasing the highly anticipated follow-up “Careless Whiskers”

As an artist, Gabriel Forsman channels his vast expertise into producing music for others, deftly crafting captivating soundscapes that bring out the best in each project. He is also actively offering his services as a touring guitarist, seamlessly infusing energy and finesse into live performances.

Gabriel's proficiency as a session guitarist is second to none, making him the go-to musician for artists and producers seeking an unparalleled touch to their tracks. His ability to effortlessly adapt to various styles and genres has garnered the respect of colleagues and collaborators alike.

With a deep passion for music and an unwavering commitment to his craft, Gabriel Forsman continues to push boundaries, exploring new horizons and creating captivating melodies and sounds through his guitar and productions.


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